We Offer Free Estimates!

Since 1978, Stacy’s has offered creative landscaping solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well. We offer landscaping maintenance,  landscaping design, and landscaping construction services for residential and commercial accounts. Stacy’s employs five full-time crews that each specialize in certain construction techniques, from pavers, retaining walls, edging, rock, plants, and lawn installation and maintenance.  Stacy’s stands out among the competition because of their ability to perfect each of their individual talents to the highest standard.  Their staff is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.  Check out our gallery of pictures to see some of the jobs we are proud of.


Paver Walks, Patios, and Walls
We design and install paver walks, walls, and patios. One of the most popular installations of the past few years has been the paver walks. Pavers allow the installers to work with curves, patterns, and different assorted colors to create a truly unique entrances to your home.


Permeable Walks & Driveways
We also specialize in permeable pavers which are required in many lakeshore projects.  These allow for water infiltration into the ground instead of runoff.


New or Existing Homes
Stacy’s employs three designers with degrees in horticulture and landscape architecture.  We offer free estimates of any sort of project, big or small.  We are small enough to care about each project, but big enough to complete the largest or projects.  We guarantee all of our work and products for an entire year!


Commercial Projects
We have done a number of large commercial projects in the area.  We are able to work well with general contractors and understand how to stay in budget, meet deadlines, and adhere to any guidlines for any sort of project.


New Lawns, Seed or Sod
Stacy’s has their own blend of Minnesota hardy grass seed.  We have many years of experience of growing grass in this area, so we know exactly when and how to install dense green grass that will last from year to year!


Corrective Drainage
With wet MN springs, we have seen every water issue possible.  A lot of the times, there may be an issue with the settling and aging of a homes landscaping.  We work our very hardest to solve those water issues by correcting the landscaping around the foundation.


Plant Installation
With their wealth of knowledge and mostly experience with plants, Stacy’s staff know what grows best and where it grows best.  They offer unique, healthy plants that will be able to withstand the harsh MN winters.